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About Us

We are a team of experienced and compassionate clinicians who work with children, adolescents and adults across a range of present concerns.  We are dedicated in working with clients to develop strategies that best meet their individual needs, allowing them to become more engaged and satisfied with their lives.

we Treat

Individuals (ages 4-geriatric ages), couples and families across the life span on a wide range of mental health and behavioral issues.

We work with adults, children and adolescents both individually and in groups within the private practice setting. 

We provide assessment of learning, emotional and behavioral disorders, ages 4 to 18, but not limited to ADHD disorders.

Full psychoeducational evaluations with school-related recommendations, such as test accommodations, individual school-based intervention, school placement, suggestions for teachers or tutors, and suggestions for homework management.

Parent and school consultation on learning, emotional and behavioral disorders.

Getting Started

  • We understand starting therapy can be challenging and believe that it is a sign of your strength and commitment to your healing process.

    Starting Psychotherapy/Counseling:

    Help is only a phone call or email away. 

    For a confidential appointment call 401-294-6900
    or email  Our policy is to return your call or email  in 24 hours.